Hope for a Little Shope

It’s time.
We are officially, gleefully, carefully moving forward with our plans to adopt a baby! Hooray and wahoo!
It hasn’t been much of a secret, but we haven’t really made a big fuss about it, either.
So here’s us. Fussing. Exhuberantly.

From here on out, you’ll probably hear a lot of talk from the Shopes about the adoption. We are beginning a heavy push for fundraising and preparing. We are relying on God to provide. All of it: time, money, strength, energy, encouragement, younameit. Our job is to prepare ourselves, to do the work He sets before us and to be obedient.

Part of doing the work has been to really educate ourselves and others about what it takes to adopt, about the plight of so many orphans all over the world, and about what taking seriously Isaiah 1:17 means for our lives.

Learn to do good;
Seek justice,
Rebuke the oppressor;
Defend the fatherless,
Plead for the widow.

We are asking you for one thing right now. We are asking you to pray. For the orphans. For those who will defend them. For those of us who long to bring them into a forever home. For us.

If you feel inclined to donate, please know that we are grateful for every cent we are given. We added a button to this blog that links to our PayPal account. To be honest, the cost of this endeavor is often daunting. There have been many days when we have felt overwhelmed by the figure, knowing it is so much more than we have in our bank account. (We need just shy of $20,000 to do this. A pittance in the hands of our mighty and sovereign Redeemer.) But we believe that the money will come, that God provides the way where He has willed us to walk.

Soon, we will be announcing more opportunities for you can partner with us on this amazing journey. This blog will also serve to help us keep our friends and family — for whose support we are exceedingly grateful — updated throughout the process. We cannot wait to bring home our son or daughter. And we cannot wait for you to meet him or her. Pray for this baby. Pray for us. And pray for the millions of orphans in the world today.


2 thoughts on “Hope for a Little Shope

  1. AAAAHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!! You guys are stepping into the journey of a lifetime and I am SO EXCITED to hear all the many ways God is going to knock your socks off! I know from experience that He has great things in store and will uphold you on days when it is hardest to stand. He is going to give you more than you could ever imagine, it will be worth every moment of the journey it takes to get to baby Shope. We are here is you need ANYTHING!!!

    Love you guys!
    Heather Janson

  2. Thanks, Heather!!! We are thrilled to have your support and prayers, but also to have the evidence of your own hope. It was a privilege to walk beside you on your adoption journey, and we are blessed to have you walk beside us on ours.

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