Gratitude – Part 2

For posterity. For our kiddo to know just how much our little family is loved. And for those tougher days ahead.


Words from friends:

  • Aliza Loya I love this SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!

  • Joline Gutierrez Krueger Oh wait, I see information below. Squee!

  • Nicole Juarez-Strawn I love this so much!

  • Raschel Brennan Praying! “Hope” is one of my favorite words and has brought so much meaning and strength in the hardest times. Here’s to Baby Shope. Can’t wait to meet him/her. Your story warms my heart.

  • Melissa Solecki Loooooooooove!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Casias Shope  Thank you all! I am head over heels for this too!. My awesome hubby came up with the idea for the design, I put words to it and my incredibly talented friend Matthew Witkowskiput it together for us in a way that delights our hearts every time we see it.

  • Matthew Shope Thank you everyone for the support. You are the best. You even got me to post on FB more than once in 2012.
  • Fotini Grouios Walton I don’t often cry over these things, but the tears are pouring down my face after I read your blog entry. Thank you for allowing me/us to share this with you.

  • Craig FritzI cannot imagine a better pair of future parents. You two and “Hope” will be blessed beyond imagination when this happens.

  • Ashley LinneI can’t “like” this enough. I need a “love” button.

  • Tamara Casias ShopeOverwhelmed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Nancy SalemLove this!

      • Eliya KirbyHow wonderful! This is amazing 🙂

      • Joline Gutierrez KruegerYay! It will happen and it will be great!
      • Jonathan StrawnIf I donate do I get a t-shirt?

      • Jen BarolYou are inspirational, Tamara. I am in awe. xo

      • Monica BenavidezBeautiful! God bless!

      • Leslie CookI’m excited for you all and Praying for you!

      • Lisa GrusyWe are excited for you and Matt. It will be a privilege to pray and support hope for a little Shope!

      • Jessica Cocchiola This is so exciting!! I wish I could be there with you as you begin this journey. 😦 But you will definitely be in my prayers! Love you guys!

      • Melissa Solecki My heart is overjoyed!!!!! Praying for you, adoption buddy! So grateful to share this experience with you. I can’t wait to see who God will handpick to be your wee one! What a blessed one they will be.

      • Tish Goff congratulations! you will be so blessed by this experience!

      • Tamara Casias Shope  Wow. Thank you guys! I am … overwhelmed by the love and support here. As Tish Goff and Melissa Soleckiknow, this road isn’t an easy one. We are blessed beyond measure to have your friendship.
      • Tamara Casias Shope  Oh, and Joline Gutierrez Krueger and Jen Barol and other Trib folk… My last conversation with BKP went like this: “Barb, I am pretty sure we are going to try to start the adoption process next year.” BKP, in that sing-songy, laughing way of hers: “A little Shope!” The words never left me.

      • Joline Gutierrez KruegerAw, that’s wonderful!

        Fotini Grouios WaltonWe have been waiting sooo long for your little one. I am literally overjoyed that “the process” is beginning. This child will be so loved, by so many! Yay!!

      • Kate NashToo exciting!

      • Carrie SeidmanSo excited for you! Couldn’t happen to a nicer — or more deserving — couple.

      • Jeaneece Schmidt Honestly, Tamara Casias Shope, your beautiful words in this blog are just the FIRST of many gifts some little person is going to be given. What a blessing!

      • Mary-Ann McBride AndrewsGood luck to you!

      • Teri Barela Awesome! You all will be such great parents!

      • Ashley Linne again with needing a “love” button!

        Kathleen CantwellKindred- It is such a joy to see God bring this prayer to fruition in His time. I can think of no couple better suited to be parents. Your blog is a beautiful blessing to all, especially Baby Shope! Prayerfully, joyfully, celebrating God’s faithfulness! Love you!

      • Caren CocchiolaI’m tingling with excitement!

      • Caren CocchiolaI am overjoyed for you

      • Like
      • Tamara Casias Shope Wow. You all are too much. I went to bed joyfully weepy and I ‘ve been a little weepy all day. (I’m looking at you, Jeaneece Schmidt and Kathleen Cantwell.) Overwhelmed by the love and encouragement from our amazing friends. And in case you missed it, you brought Matthew Shopeout of Fb retirement! That’s quite a feat!

        Robert GarciaYou guys will make great parents. The joy is overwhelming. I hope you become as “overwhelmed” as Therese and I are. There has been no greater blessing than that of the boys….and of a little marriage that occured over 11 years ago. A little Shope, what fun!

      • Iliana Limón RomeroI am so happy for you guys and will cheering you on along the way. You’re amazing and, like so many others have mentioned, I know you’ll make great parents.


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